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Khaleeji Arabic Dress

The word, Khaleeji means `Gulf` in Arabic and is widely used to refer to anything related to the Arab States in the Persian Gulf. When used within the English languages, Khaleeji can be spelt in a number of different ways, for instance `Khaleegi` or `Khaliji`, but all of these words mean the same thing. When used in fashion, the term often describes a type of dress - the Khaleeji dress or Khaleeji abaya. The Khaleeji dress is a high fashion version of the traditional abaya, which is a garment worn over clothing by Muslim women in order to preserve modesty. Khaleeji dresses are often bright, colourful and elaborate. Perfect for parties, weddings and special occasions, these dresses are also very popular with belly dancers. Here is a quick guide to the latest trends: Style Modern Khaleeji dresses are designed to give the modesty and coverage required by Islam rules but with a more contemporary look. Muslim and Arab women who enjoy fashion prefer to wear a Khaleeji over regular clothes, whether that`s something casual or a super smart business suit.

These beautiful dresses are ankle or floor length, usually with long sleeves to give plenty of coverage. However, some women choose dresses with shorter, kaftan-style (or bat) sleeves, which are cool and chic. Some styles have an integral, sleeveless slip-style dress or a lining with a layer of floaty, transparent chiffon over the top. Other styles come in two parts, with a separate matching top and bottom. Fabrics Most contemporary Khaleeji dresses are made of a combination of satin or silk and floaty-style materials, which act to drape around, yet conceal the woman`s body shape but still look pretty and attractive. Other commonly used fabrics for these dresses are crepe and tulle, which like chiffon, are lightweight, cool and breathable. These materials are ideal for traditional, hot Arab countries and of course, for the British summer. Colour From the more traditional black with splashes of colour and intricate embellishments to stunningly bright and bold dresses, today`s Khaleeji dresses are literally available in every colour of the rainbow. They are a true smorgasbord of colour to suit every taste, personality and occasion. The truly bright colours are often reserved for special occasions such as Eid, family celebrations and weddings, whilst the bride may choose an intricately decorated white Khaleeji on her wedding day. Embellishments From pretty lace to delicate beads and detailed embroidery to beautiful jewels, more is definitely more when it comes to the embellishments on a Khaleeji dress! Occasion dresses are particularly intricate with rich colours, sparkling crystals and stunning pearls often gracing the entire front, sleeves and neckline of the dresses from top to toe. Ruffled sleeves, adjustable waist belts and pleated bottoms also give a touch of individuality to the fashionable Khaleeji dress. These super-fashionable dresses are a real display of craftsmanship and a truly stunning alternative to the traditional abaya. Today`s Khaleeji dresses are often worn over the top of regular or Western casual clothes like those at Volcom uk for comfortable, modest, yet elegant everyday wear.

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Kkaleeji Dress

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